Social Justice: A Worthy Cause and a Terrible God

On Wednesday this past week, a theology professor at Fuller Seminary tweeted the following: "I tried organized religion... too preachy/ too conformist/ too much 'us vs them'..." Yet instead of pasty white middle-aged men with tucked in, button-down shirts and women with dresses down to their ankles, the picture below featured an angry mob of … Continue reading Social Justice: A Worthy Cause and a Terrible God

Taking Back Evangelicalism

I'll always remember the first time I became aware of the term "evangelical". As a young boy growing up in a predominately Lutheran town with predominantly Lutheran friends at school, I had asked my mom what “type” of Christians we were. “Well,” she began, “we’re what you call ‘evangelical’.” Although my curious and inquiring mind … Continue reading Taking Back Evangelicalism

Theological Orthodoxy and Social Justice

One of the things that surprised me after posting my latest blog-post was how it seemed to have resonated and struck a chord with the disenfranchised millennial in the local church. I don't have enough Professor X powers to tell you why, but I suspect that at least one of the reasons may have been the … Continue reading Theological Orthodoxy and Social Justice