Bio: About Me

My name is Michael Agapito, and I serve as the associate pastor in-training at a Baptist church in central Illinois. I am in the American Baptist Churches (ABCUSA) denomination.

I originally received my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Wheaton College and was working on a doctorate in clinical psychology when I felt a call to go into vocational ministry. After months of wrestling, I gave in. I began my seminary work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (“TEDS”, based near Chicago) and transferred to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary based in Louisville, Kentucky (SBTS). I have also worked for a Baptist student housing ministry on the campus of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

I have written on occasion for the SOLA Network–an online ministry platform and coalition of Asian-American ministers and laypeople that is committed to equipping the next generation with resources for the Christian faith. (The views expressed on this blog are not necessarily shared by the SOLA Network, SBTS, or any other of my ministry affiliates.)

I have been married to my wife, Amy, since July 2018. (I also enjoy basketball, Star Wars, hiking, canoeing, etc.)

Why “millennial”?

Because I just so happen to be part of that peculiar generation that makes Baby Boomers and GenXers raise their eyebrows and scratch their heads.

Why “confessing”?

This refers to my beliefs as a confessing Christian. To be “confessing” or “confessional” means to adhere and subscribe to certain orthodox doctrines that have been a part of the historic Christian faith over the course of 2,000 years.

Why “confessing millennial”?

Because of the very fact that it seems to be a contradiction in terms. “Confessional” and millennial” don’t seem to fit well together at face value or at first glance. But it is not a contradiction. It is a paradox. A contradiction is made up of two irreconcilable things, while a paradox is only an “apparent contradiction”. In other words, a paradox is something that seems to be a contradiction but really isn’t. And that’s precisely why I (along with millions of other Americans) am a paradox. Because you can apparently be a confessional, orthodox Christian and thoroughly millennial at the same time.

Want to know more? Read on. More on that to come.

Why does this blog exist?

I started this blog when I noticed that many people in my generation, including friends and peers, were either abandoning biblical orthodoxy for social concerns, or ignoring social concerns for biblical orthodoxy. I’d like to suggest a third way: a Christian faith that is at once orthodox AND cares for marginalized groups.

This blog exists to bridge the gap between millennials and the Christian faith by sharing media resources and material, in the hopes of encouraging this generation in the apostolic gospel message of Jesus Christ. This includes not only this blog, but the resources shared on the Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc..

Who is this blog for?

My hope is to represent millennials to Christians and to represent Christianity to millennials. It is also my hope to be a source of encouragement for millennials desiring to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ in our generation.

Are you a confessing millennial?


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