“Doctrine and Devotion” pastors address “virtual communion” questions

Shameless plug: One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is “Doctrine and Devotion,” “a podcast exploring Christian faith and practice from a Reformed Baptist perspective.” Co-hosted by pastors Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler, the two co-hosts delve into deep theological topics and relevant questions, all the while playing off of each other in friendly, “bestee” banter. One of the main things that makes it so enjoyable is the fact that you can obviously tell that the two are good friends that genuinely enjoy each other’s company, even when they’re teasing or making fun of each other. For those that want to skip their bantering intros, though, you can almost always count on fast-forwarding to the five-minute mark to get to the deeper stuff.

In this episode (shared below), Joe and Jimmy address a topic that I’ve engaged with in my last few blog posts: the question of “virtual communion,” a question that has been apparently brought up by many of their congregation members at their church. Hitting on a lot of similar points, Joe and Jimmy answer with pastoral sensitivity and understanding all the while seeking to stay biblically faithful. Check it out!

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