The Southern Baptist Convention and “Resolution #9”

Christian blogger and pastor Trevin Wax shared some details of the Southern Baptist Convention committee regarding recent discussions surrounding "critical race theory" (CRT) and "intersectionality" (I) on his Twitter account. He writes, "The Committee received a resolution on this issue and decided to speak to it in a way that warned against absolutizing CRT/I as … Continue reading The Southern Baptist Convention and “Resolution #9”

Review: “Can We Still Believe the Bible?” by Craig Blomberg

NOTE: This is adapted from an essay I wrote for seminary. Introduction Craig Blomberg’s Can We Still Believe the Bible? is an excellent, invaluable and erudite resource for evangelical Christians trying to articulate their faith in the 21st century. The scope of biblical studies is a vast and ambitious undertaking, yet Blomberg’s work is a … Continue reading Review: “Can We Still Believe the Bible?” by Craig Blomberg

What Aspiring Pastors Can Learn From Eugene Peterson

The past year has not been a gentle one for influential Christian leaders. Last summer, Muslim-turned-Christian apologist Nabeel Quereshi succumbed to stage IV stomach cancer at the young age of 34, leaving behind his wife and daughter. Just months later, famous theologian and teacher R.C. Sproul died of respiratory difficulties at the age of 78. … Continue reading What Aspiring Pastors Can Learn From Eugene Peterson

Review: “American Gospel”

After months of anticipation from the confessional Christian community, the documentary "American Gospel: Christ Alone" was finally released last Friday  (October 19, 2018). My wife and I had the pleasure of streaming it for our  Friday "date night"--complete with popcorn, comfy sweat pants, living room couch, and all. The editing was sharp (though in unfair … Continue reading Review: “American Gospel”

Social Justice and Evangelicalism

A Better Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel Last month's intramural debate among evangelicals revolving around social justice seems to have died down for the time being. But it's relevance has not. Have no doubt that the conversation will continue to play an important role in the American church for the years to come. … Continue reading Social Justice and Evangelicalism